Calabasas horse trainer Chris D. CervantesChris Cervantes is a Certified Trainer through Meredith Manor International Equestrian Centre, graduating with high honors. After training with FEI Dressage, Olympic Equestrian Pentathlon, and top Hunter-Jumper trainers and can currently be found teaching at Far West Farms in Calabasas CA.  He is also a USHJA Certified Trainer.

Cervantes loves killer whales and watching the “Today Show” with Matt Lauer. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, writing, and can be found kayaking in the harbor or lounging by the pool with a margarita.

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Published Articles

  • Profile Of Kay Meredith. In this candid interview with world-champion rider and dressage trainer, Cervantes, shares the story of how a young girl from West Virginia rose to the top of her profession and became on of the most influential players in the sport.
  • Highlights Of Kay Meredith’s Accomplishments. Kay Meredith’s career surrounds the Olympic sport of Dressage (the science of mounted warfare), and she has represented the U.S. in countries throughout the world, both as a team member and as an individual. She has also been a senior judge for more than twenty years.
  • Am I Too Old To Ride? As a professional trainer I am asked all the time, “Am I too old to ride?” The short answer is no. Horseback riding is something that can be enjoyed at all levels, in a wide variety of ways, long into the golden years. Here are some considerations to help you enjoy riding safely, at any age.
  • So, You Want A Career With Horses?  If you love horses, what could be better than getting to spend each day with them, right?  How about getting paid to enjoy your passion!
  • How Horses Can Help You Deal With Pre-Diabetes.  Love horses but cannot ride for whatever reason? Maybe you have health limitations, are too overweight or too out of shape to start just yet, or perhaps you are a bit timid or not into riding but like horses and really want to get involved with them. It doesn’t matter because the good news is that you can still reap many of the health benefits horsemanship has to offer without riding.
  • Some Of The Many Wonderful Benefits Horse Can Bring To Your Life. It is not surprising that just about everyone who spends time with one, especially little girls, falls in love with horses. They are big, gentle animals who generally want to please, and love being smothered with attention.  There is a reason horses are used in therapeutic riding programs for the disabled, children with autism or Down’s syndrome, and victims of violence, in addition to being a great way to exercise the body, they also exercise and heal the heart and soul.