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Horse in cross ties at barn

So, You Want A Career As A Horse Trainer?

You have been riding for years and now think you want a career as a horse trainer. Do you have a real idea of what the position entails? Chris Cervantes, professional trainer offers some words of wisdom about becoming a horse trainer.

Chris Cervantes with one of his students.

Average Salaries For Careers Working With Horses

You love horses and think having a career with horses would be a dream come true, right? But you are not sure your riding skills are up to becoming a trainer. No problem. Regardless of your level of riding, the good news is there are plenty of other ways to earn a living while enjoying horses.

Same sex married couples holding hands

Same Sex Marriage

Children see past things that adults sometimes do not. Children see past skin color; past so many things as to what normal is because to kids normal could be anything. Children that are raised in NYC may live in an apartment on the 12th floor, only take the train to school, and carry groceries with mom for five blocks back home. To some kids that is normal, they have no idea what other normal could be out there. Some kids live in the country, and the bus picks them up at the end of their gravel driveway, while they sit in the morning waiting petting the pet cow out front in the pasture.

Hollywood Freeway exit sign

The Hollywood Freeway, A Welcome Home Sign At The End Of Each Day

I remember the feeling I had when I left the Detroit airport on my way to Palm Springs. I was relocating for work; I was so excited and could not wait to leave! I had just graduated from Meredith Manor in West Virginia and had been home for a whole month. After being away for three years, doing my own thing, staying up as late as I wanted, going where I wanted, when I wanted, with whom I wanted, the last thing I wanted was to be under anyone’s rules and I was eager to leave.