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Chris Cervantes

Vanessa Williams

I Grew Up With Vanessa Williams

Growing up I learned from my family and experiences that being different isn’t a bad thing; it just means we each have our own special gifts and talents to offer. When we celebrate the things that make us unique, we can reach our full potential, like Vanessa Williams, one of my childhood influences did. Because it is the difference we make in life, not the differences we have, the truly set us apart.

Roxy's Story

Roxy’s Story

When I began looking for another horse to train from the ground up I knew I wanted something different that I could call my own and do it all myself. The challenges and long road that it takes to turn a young horse playing in a field into a horse that can successfully do a job, I find rewarding. And, that’s where Roxy comes in.

Closeup of horse's eye

Look Me In The Eyes

Video created by Rachel Ehrlich featuring Chris Cervantes and his thoroughbred, Roxy who he adopted and started in 2013.

Young boy sitting in the dark looking scared.

Why I Lock My Doors (And Why You Should, Too)

My friend in middle school, Zach, used to live in a very big, three story house with a large wrap around porch in the back that extended the whole house length. Behind the house were woods with neighbors only on the both sides of the house. The whole back side of the house, on the same side as the porch, had nothing but huge windows and sliding glass doors. The windows extended from the living room, through the kitchen into the dining room. There were sliding glass doors in the living room and in the dining room as well. It was a perfect setting for a silent killer to watch, stalk, and kill a victim.

Trainer Chris Cervantes, enjoys a moment of bonding with a close stable friend. The horse remains relaxed, and reposed, a clear sign of complete trust and affection.

Horses Offer Us A Chance For Good Health And Good Times

Anyone who tells you riding is not a great form of exercise because the horse does all the work is someone who has probably never ridden a horse before. Riding horses is a great form of exercise, burning plenty of calories.

BW Photo of Saddles

Naughty Horse Or Bad Riding?

As a trainer, I hear riders blame the horse for not “liking” a certain lead, a particular fence, going on trail rides, or even a certain rider. There is always some convenient excuse to blame a horse for your own mistakes.

Horse bridles lined up on barn wall

A Bit of Advice About Bits

Many riders right off the bat will change bits to “fix” a problem, but how do you know if that is the best option really?